Blazor – Input Elements Reference – ASP.NET Core 6

A new feature of Blazor for ASP.NET Core 6 is that there is now a new property that allows us to access the input of the InputCheckbox, InputDate, InputFile, InputNumber, InputSelect, InputText, and InputTextArea components.

To use this feature we must make a reference to the element in question, say, an InputText, and use the Element property of it.

Let’s see an example:

<EditForm Model="model">
	<InputText @ref="inputTextReference" class="form-control" @bind-Value="model" />

<button class="btn btn-primary" @onclick="HandleClick">Click me</button>

@code {
	InputText inputTextReference;
	string model = "";

	private void HandleClick()
		if (inputTextReference.Element.HasValue)

As we can see, we have an InputText inside an EditForm. We put the @ref attribute to anchor the InputText to the inputTextReference variable. Then, in the HandleClick method we use inputTextReference.Element to access the textbox as such. Notice that the Element property is of type ElementReference?, that is, it is nullable, that’s why we use HasValue to safely access the textbox.

As we said, we can do the same with other components such as: InputCheckbox, InputDate, InputFile, InputNumber, InputSelect, and InputTextArea.


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