Blazor – Correcting Special Character Problems in the Toolbelt.Blazor.I18nText Library

Blazor used to not have official Localization support (which can help us for tasks like having an app in several languages), so we used libraries like Toolbelt.Blazor.I18nText to have multi-language support. Although this is no longer necessary, since new versions of Blazor have official Localization support, some applications are already made with Toolbelt.Blazor.I18nText anyway.

A recurring problem that some people may encounter with Toolbelt.Blazor.I18nText is that JSONs that contain special characters, such as the ñ and accent marks, appear with errors.

The error is due to encoding of JSON files. Here is the solution:

– Open the JSON that has the error in Visual Studio

– Go to File> Save {File name} as …

– Click Save with Encoding:


– Say you want to replace the file

– Select the appropriate encoding for your situation. In my case I have solved the problem with “Unicode (UTF-8 with signature)“.

That’s it!


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