Entity Framework Core 2.1: Tools – Get-DbContext

This command is used to obtain information regarding the Data Context. This information is: The name of the provider, the name of the database, the name of the server, and if certain options are activated. An example of these options is the SensitiveDataLogging, which we have used to allow us to see the value of the variables in the logs.

In the dotnet CLI , this command is as follows:

dotnet ef dbcontext info

We can highlight the following options of this command:

  • Context: The data context to be used
  • Project: The project to be used
  • Json: Shows the information in JSON format. This option is only available for the dotnet CLI.


Basic use: For its basic use, we can use this command passing as an argument the name of the Data Context of which we want information. If we assume that our Data Context has the name ApplicationDbContext, then we can execute the following command in the Package Manager Console:

Get-DbContext -Context ApplicationDbContext

The equivalent command in the dotnet CLI is:

dotnet ef dbcontext info


These are other commands we have seen so far:

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